Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bob Hoskins caricature

Bob Hoskins (digital)
I was only going to do this piece traditionally, but i decided to try it on the computer. I used adobe illustrator for this. I'm not satisfied with the way it came out and probably never will be. I am not a fan of digital work but i do want to learn an effective way to use it, so i'm not going to knock it quite yet.

Bob Hoskins
This is the second caricature piece i've done. I chose Bob Hoskins because he has some facial features that seem easy to exaggerate. I incorporated the movie i last saw him in, 'Unleashed' (Danny the Dog). Again, done in acrylics, i learned some new things from this piece, it's all a matter of experimentation.

Bob Hoskins
Acrylic on illustration board

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